Microsoft Windows 10 x to arrive with another modern standby feature
Microsoft has already been working on the new version of Windows 10 with a significantly improved user experience. The operating system was meant to be available on the market this year, although it was later delayed and made few changes to its original plans.

Presently, Windows 10X, which would be built on top of the Windows 10 core operating system, is expected to officially release in the second quarter of next year. With just a few months until its launch, details are being revealed online.

A new Microsoft Windows 10X will include a ‘Modern Standby' feature that allows it to immediately turn on and connect to the internet.

Most laptop computers take a long time to wake up from sleep mode. The goal of the instant-on experience is to allow the system to resume as soon as the lid is opened.

Another addition is the special feature that makes the apps capable of running even when you aren't using them. This will make apps like email able to function in the background. The majority of Windows Store applications are compatible with this feature.

Windows 10X is expected to come with several new features and improvements, including a new file manager. In order to know what the company is working on, we will have to wait until its next product launch.

For anyone who doesn't know, the Windows 10X project started out with dual-screen and foldable devices, but a few months ago, the company revealed they were changing focus to single-screen devices.


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