Nuro Robots will Drive Food and Medicine to your Home in 2021
Autonomous delivery robots may soon be allowed to run paid services. The DMV has revealed how much this vehicle is worth (DMV). DMV director Steve Gordon said Nuro is a significant milestone in the evolution of self-driving cars in California. Groceries, food, and medicines will be delivered in two localities near the company's headquarters.

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Silicon Valley and San Francisco streets have seen a surge in self-driving vehicles, which are permitted for testing. With the addition of the Nuro autonomous delivery service, the price has now changed.

It got the approval to test its vehicles with a safety driver in 2017, and in April 2020, it got further approval to test without a safety driver.

Nuro Robots will Drive Food and Medicine to your Home in 2021

Nuro raised $500 million as it expands operations and will begin delivery service with modified Prius vehicles, and thereafter launch its fleet of autonomous R2 vehicles that come without a steering wheel or driver's seat.

The R2 can go 56 km per hour and it is a four-foot sized car. It uses thermal imaging, radar, and 360-degree cameras to safely drive on the public road.

The company expects its new service to be a hit with Californians, as it will help streamline the lives of busy families while also taking care of the needs of those unable to drive.

The delivery service is just a tiny part of what the company plans to do. It recently acquired a trucking company for an undisclosed sum.

Nuro has also filed patents to capture smart advertisements displayed on a self-driving vehicle.


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